Fatal Accident on Portland

Barry with friends on Kalymnos© UKC News, Sep 2010

Barry climbing in Ceuse© UKC News, Sep 2010The loss of our best friendWe have all met amazing characters within the world of climbing and we allknow it's not just the climbs that make this sport so special, it's also thepeople we meet along the way.Portland was one of Barry Humphreys' favourite climbing spots and has alwaysbeen considered a fun place in the sun until last Saturday when his life waslost in an accident.Barry was going through the bulge on Drag Racing Underground at BlacknorNorth when his foot placement dislodged a large amount of rock.  As it fellthe rock cut the rope, causing Barry to fall 15 metres directly onto thepath.  He was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital having sufferedmassive internal injuries.  There was nothing that could be done to preventsuch a tragic accident.Our thoughts are with his family and his girlfriend at this very hard time.He was loved by many and our lives have been changed forever. Wewill miss you. Nick King on behalf of friendsPlease be respectful with your comments.There is a forum thread already discussing the accident here: UKC Forums

Barry bouldering in PD© UKC News, Sep 2010

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