Foot+mouth costs outdoor industry £40m so far

The outdoor industries association (OIA) says that FMD cost its members £40m in the three months to May, with some reporting sales down by 80 per cent, and staff laid off at one-fifth of stores.Andrew Maxted, head of the OIA, said: “Notwithstanding the slowly improving access in our most popular walking and climbing areas, the majority of our members believe it will be into the autumn before we see trade returning to normal levels.” This, in an industry normally worth £800m annually; so the losses thus far are an overall drop of 20 per cent of sales. Clearly, it´s hit harder in stores further afield. If you want those stores to survive, then next time you travel in the UK for some cragging it might be wise to drop in and buy some gear. Otherwise, the shop might not be there next time when you do need something… ( Source: Ananova (climber) )