Foundry BICC Results

With most crags in the country closed, and weather that dealt with the rest, the Foundry found itself packed with spectators and competitors for the penultimate round in the 2001 Troll British Indoor Climbing Championships. The qualifiers did their usual job of eliminating all but the fittest, and the line-up for the finals was a familliar selection of old faces, with notable evidence of the relentless campaign for dominance by the now-senior ´juniors´ who are rapidly making seniors feel a little uncertain. The Junior women´s final had the obvious surprise, Jemma didn´t win. It was Sadie Renwick who applied herself to take first place, demonstrating the positive effect of the international experience she has been gaining recently through the British Team. Curiously not on the British team this year, Lucy Creamer put in a predictably brilliant performace in to take first place, although not quite topping out on the final, old-timer Anne Arran showed us all that despite lots of hard work at the BMC she still has the energy to make the podium. Abigail Egan also put in an excellent performace, and was only half a point on countback from equalling Anne. The Junior boys had the route-setters worried, the first finalist nearly topped out on the route, but it all worked out in the end and it was Paul Smitton who topped out to show who was boss. The senior men´s final had a predictably desperate looking route that caught the current leader Gareth Parry off-guard, and rewarded a determined effort by new-comer Kristian Clemmow. The new-seniors filled the finalist list, but it was ultiamtely between stick-man Chris Cubitt and the current champion Steve McClure. Unfortunately Steve injured his arm on the qualifier, but still put in an excellent performance in getting to the last moves. However, this was not enough as Chris used his trademark endurance to great effect, even stopping to wave at the croud on his way to the chain, and first place.

Senior Men 1 Chris Cubitt2 Steve McClure3 Adam Dewhurst4 Robert Elliot5 Kristian Clemmow6 Adrian Baxter7 Gareth Parry8 Guy Dixon9 Richard Bingham10 Roddy Mackenzie11 Andy Chapman12 James Woolley13 Adam Hocking13 Jack Geldard15 Ross Henighen16 Drew Haigh Junior Men1 Paul Smitton2 Tom Lawrence3 Stewart Watson4 Adam Mulholland5 Jamie Cassidy6 Ashley Clarke7 Ian Hollows8 Joel Millward-Hopkins9= Toby Philip9= Chris Whiteman11 Michael Reedie12 Nathan Lawrence13 Aaron Nattrass14= Tom Bolger14= Sam Lichfield Senior Women1 Lucy Creamer2 Anne Arran3 Abigail Egan4 Alison Martindale5 Abigail May6 Lucinda Hughes7 April Marr8= Elinor Currey8= Karin Magog8= Katy Holden11= Holly Reay11= Emma-Jayne Powis13 Caroline Mackenzie14 Ruth Taylor15= Anita Buxton15= Julia Worboys Junior Women1 Sadie Renwick 2 Jemma Powell3 Emma Twyford4 Rosemary Shaw5 Victoria Hurley6 Hazel Duff

Current leaders in italics