Frankenjura News

The German Frankenjura seems to be where hard sportclimbing is focused at the moment. Dave Graham has had a truly spectacular month there redpointing Action Direct (F9a),Downset (F8c) – on the same day as Action Direct, and on his second attempt, Showdown (F8c), Raubritter (F8c), Sundance Kid (F8c), Powerplay (F8c), Raise the Roof (F8b+), Stonelove (F8b+), Linie 1 (F8b+), Ghetto Blaster (F8b), Delicate News (F8b), Deadline (F8b), Nightmare (F8b), Subway (F8b), Plastikfiber (F8a+), Nice Boys (F8a+), Bastard (F8a+), Hurricane (F8a), Electric Storm in Hell (F8a), and onsighted Centre Court (F8a+), Blow Job (F8a) & Hitch Hike the Plane (F8a)! He also threw in a handful of hard bouldering repeats: Zerburus (Font8b+), Maharasha (Font8b), and Ramahada (Font8a).Not so long ago (March this year) he blitzed Fontainbleau with a couple of bad weather trips and managed the following: Fatman (Font8b), Gourmandaise (Font8b), Nothing But Sunshine (Font8b), Sideways Daze (Font8b), Mad Maxx (Font8b), The Maax (Font8a+), Lintegrale (Font8a+), Surplomb de la Mee (Font8a+), Partage (Font8a+), Duel (Font8a), Hibernatus (Font8a), Hypertension (Font8a), Neverland (Font8a), Neverland (Font8a), Hybernatus (Font8a+), Atresie (Font8a), Cetait Demain (Font8a), Flash (Font8a), Karma (Font8a), Salle Gosse (Font8a).Also, Christian Bindhammer has made the first repeat of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (F8b+), and Aspidica (Font8a+). Iker Pou (who made the third ascent of Action Direct last year) has made the third ascent (original version) of Wallstreet (F8c), and climbed Showdown (F8c) & Powerplay (F8c) – he has now completed all the F8c´s in Frankenjura.Lastly, although not in the Frankenjura, Josune Bereciartu has just climbed two more F8c´s: ´La ultima aldea gala´ in El convento, first climbed by Iker Pou, and Welcome to Tijuana, in Rodellar. Josune has already climbed 5 8c´s and one 8c+. Only a handful of women have managed one F8c, let alone 7 and an F8c+! Thanks to Hector Del Campo and for this news.