FRI NIGHT VID: Jeff Lowe – Metanoia – Eiger

UKC User SeanyC got in touch with this week's Friday Night Video:”Thought you might be interested in this, I haven't seen mention of it on the website and I am a regular reader, I was just thinking it might be cool to shed some light on the project!Jeff Lowe is trying to have a film made about his life, but to do so they are trying to raise quite a significant amount of money for the project. With UK climbing members' help it might make for a film on the big screen! An inspiration for the climbers among us! But also inspiring for the wider community! Not only this but it would be one heck of an achievement to know that some of us were part way responsible for such a project.This is the website I came across and the short film they are using to get people on it http://www.kickstarter.comHope you find it worthy of a mention, no worries if not!SeanyCOh and for what its worth, I think the website's great! keep it up, it provides more than enough inspiration with or without big budget 'Ameri-drama's'! Its cool to be a part of such a close knit community of people all out for a similar cause… To climb, climb, Climb!”Thanks Sean!VIDEO: Jeff Lowe on Metanoia  Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen