FRI NIGHT VID: Peuterey Integral, Mont Blanc

Back in August UKC Gear Tester Jon Griffith climbed the legendary 4500m route of the Peuterey Integral with Luke Hunt.As I've never actually summited Mont Blanc before it was nice to finally get that ticked too.Jon Griffith – UKC Gear TesterYou can read his full report on his blog here: Alpine ExposuresThe route is described in the Alpine Club Guidebook by Lindsay Griffin thus:”This is the longest and probably the most difficult traverse of its kind in the Alps. There is more than 4500m of ascent over all types of terrain and in magnificent situations. Perhaps the most feared and sensational section of the route is the long series of free rappels from the summit of the Aig Noire which are badly exposed to stonefall in the lower reaches. Two bivouacs are normally necessary: in the vicinity of the summit of the Noire and on the Aig Blanche. The length and commitment of the climb make the overall grading (ED1) higher than the sum of its individual parts and it is still rarely repeated.”PHOTO GALLERY:

Stitch of Luke Hunt on P. Bich of the Aig Noire. Rest of the Peuterey Integral lined up behind him© Jon Griffith
Stitch of Luke Hunt on the Blanche at sunrise. Aig Noire in background. Peuterey Integral© Jon Griffith
Stitch of Luke Hunt on the summit of the Grand Pillier D'angle- Peuterey Integral© Jon Griffith

VIDEO: Peuterey Integral, Mont BlancAscent of the Peuterey Integral on the Mont Blanc from Jonathan Griffith on Vimeo. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen