Gaz Parry Update

Gaz is the man on form at the moment. You may have wondered why he wasn´t in the line up for the CWIM at the weekend. Well, he´d been invited to another masters in Norway. Climbing alongside Nalle Hukkataival who took second place in the European Championships the previous weekend at the NEC (compared to Gaz´s disappointing 33rd) Gaz was up against stiff competition. He qualified in second place behind Nalle, and managed to pip him in the final to take the 10,000 Kroner cheque (roughly £850). Gaz is now in 13th place in the official (competition bouldering climbing) world rankings, and 16th place according to the scorecard system. There are videos of his ascents of Isla D´Encarta and Anesthesia now on his Blog. To top off a successful weekend in Norway yesterday he managed the first ascent of a new V12 at Longridge, the hardest problem at the crag. Gaz´s Blog planetFear Extra Blog