Graham climbs Simpson´s A Muerte 9a

Dave Graham has climbed the 3rd Ascent of A Muerte, 9a, in Siruana Spain. The route was first climbed by Rich Simpson in March this year (news report here>>), an astounding effort as the route was a local project that had resisted the efforts of many top climbers including Dani Andrada, Ramonet Julian and Iker Pou. Dave Graham suggested that A Muerte maybe closer to 8c+ to which Rich has written an interesting reponse on the 8a website forum. “It is through this experience that I believe that El Muerte is a ´proper´ 9A. El Muerte is, in my opinion the hardest route I have climbed, thus being harder than Action Directe, Hubble, Unplugged and also harder than many other 9a´s I have tried- Rainshadow, Northern Lights etc. Obviously grades are subjective- but I struggle to see how El Muerte could be considered as 8c+( even though I rather naively suggested that myself). If El Muerte is 8c+, then everything else in the world must go down by at least one or two grades (Kinematrix 8c, Action Directe 8c+ anyone?) Obviously, this is my opinion, and Dave may have found it very different. Thus, I respect his comment that El Muerte may be 8c+, although I believe it is more than likely 9A… …What is most pleasing is Daves comments on the quality of the route. It is indeed a fantastic climb, and a another fantastic ascent from Dave” Siruana has been the place to be over the last few weeks with a number of hard repeats from some of the world´s top climbers (see news here>>) Source: