Graham sends

As y´all know Dave Graham has been to Ceüse. He tells us he got there and went to work on Realization, 9a+, but got sidetracked the first four days by this project. After three days, he sent the thing, which, according to Dave, is “really fucking cool!!”. He says it´s very atypical of the Biographie-wall; “20 meters; bouldery with a lot of stamina shit”. As reported last week, it´s called Bah Bah Black Sheep and is most likely 8c+. Dave needed around 10 tries. The day he did that, says Dave, was the first day of a good little spree of no rest. The next day h did Le Cadre, 8c, in 3O min/2 tries, and every day he worked Realizition. The next day he onsighted Soires Froides, 8a+, then the next day onsighted Encore 8a+, then the last day made one “super sketchy” onsight of Femme Blanche, 8a+, “really intense!!”. After the Ceuse stint they went to a boulder spot for some nice seventh day on bouldering where Dave did 3 7C+ problems one 8A FA, and one 7C flash, but, as he puts it “God damn is bouldering hard after routes!!!” So then he went on to Switzerland, for a little bit to climb Voralpsee. the first day he “fucked” with this rad 8c+ called Speed, it was raining, and very humid, “so three shitty tries went by”. The next day was better though and Mordillo, 8a+, went down onsight. He then went on to try the extension, a hard 8b, only to fall off going for the finishing jug. Oh well, he did it next go. After a day of rest, the crag having been engulfed in a rain storm for five days now, it was looking pretty grim. Says Dave: “I got up there through the clouds, and onsighted this 8a+ called Lucy something for a warm up, then fired Speed first go of the day. Four tries overall; one of my personal best efforts, a good day. Dave´s now back at Ceüse but so far all he´s got is an 8a onsight called Lami couette after three hours sleep… Stay tuned for more news on Realization