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by Mick Ryan – Editor Mush With two of us in the editorial team at now, Jack Geldard and myself, we have been able to increase the amount and we hope, quality of articles at This morning we are proud to be able to share with you four great articles. An Interview with Rolando Garibotti about the Torre Traverse by Jack Geldard You can read it HERE Ever wondered how climbers get past the summit ice mushrooms of Cerro Torre? Rolando Garibotti explains in Mush. You can read it HERE VIDEO/INTERVIEW: George Ullrich on Master´s Edge by Dave Gill You can read it and see it HERE Alan Heason takes up the story of his and Brian Manton´s season in the Alps in 1974 before family commitments took centre stage in Dolomites and the Weisshorn 1974. You can read it HERE Other recent articles include: UK Bouldering 2007: The UK´s Best Boulderers by Tom Dixon You can read it HERE Centurion – Ben Nevis by Pete Benson You can read it HERE and Flurry of winter desperates from Guy Robertson, you can read it HERE The Cirque de Gavarnie ? Cascades in the French Pyrenees by Tom Briggs You can read it HERE I Want That Job! – Maurizio Oviglia, International Climbing Journalist by Jack Geldard You can read it HERE The Ford SkyMasters Challenge at the OS Outdoors Show You can read it HERE FAQ – Buying a rack by Alan James and Adrian Berry You can read it HERE We have lots lined up in the coming year covering the whole spectrum of climbing interests including articles covering sport, trad, bouldering, ice, alpine, climbing gear, photography, and creative writing by climbers well-known and not so, as well as the popular discussion at UKC´s forums, stunning and not so stunning photography at UKC Photo galleries. We are always after your submissions whatever your climbing experience. You can read all our featured articles at The Latest Articles Page, HERE We would also like to thank you for visiting, without you we are nothing. Mick Editor Our editorial purpose is to inform, inspire, motivate, entertain, educate, stimulate, spell correctly, climb as often as we can and have a good beer, with friends, at the end of the day.