Hot Rock Report 1

This is the first report by Dave Lucas from the Hot Rock Global Challenge Expedition, which is on a record breaking three year ´round the world climbing trip. For more information about this trip, and how you can join it, click here “The Third Hot Rock trip, AKA The Global Challenge, AKA World Domination, AKA Undescribable fun and adventures. We are about 150 k south of Rome at the moment based in a small sea side town of Sperlonga. The climbing is fantastic and the weather is perfect. The big red truck is being spoilt rotten.As for stories well most at the moment are those akin to druken nights at home, but this time we find it harder to understand the “remarks” from others. We spent a couple of days in Font. but was lured further south by rumours of sun and heat. This was rewarded by crystal clear air in the Verdon Gorge with perfect climbing conditions, But again the Lure of even hotter days was too strong and we found our selves pointing the truck south and driving the west coast road of Italy to the aformentioned sea food Paradise. I can´t stay for long as I am just off to see this old ruin called the Collo, Col, umm err oh yes the Colloseum. They say it is worth a view. Didnt I tell you I was currently in the centre of Rome.I best try and drag my self away from the pizza and start looking for the ruin, dont think there is any climbing on it, rocks too soft I expect!!!!! Still am finding it hard to realise this is the life I will be living for the next 1087 days oh well. Everybody take care and I will see you all not that soon but imagine the party when I do!! Dave”