Hotel Supramonte by Nina & Cedric

Nina Caprez and Cedric Lachat have repeated Rolando Larcher's and Roberto Vigiani's Hotel Supramonte (7b, 7c+, 8b, 8a+, 8b, 7c, 7a, 7b, 7b+, 7b, 6b+) in the Gole di Gorropu in Sardinia. Cedric, who narrowly missed the onsight on a previous visit, now fought his way up the whole thing with just one fall on the first 8b-pitch (he reclimbed the pitch from the start of course).Cedric's ascent was a perfect opportunity for Nina to reherse the route once more on top-rope. A couple of days later, the couple was back. Now it was Nina's turn to tie in on the sharp end. She only took one fall, on the 8a+ pitch, but swiftly reclimbed it and continued to the top.Full story on Nina's blog.UKC News – Adam Ondra – Hotel Supramonte On-sightA clip from the film Hotel Supramonte by PlanetFear Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen