Ice World Cup Results – R1 & R2

We neglected to report the results from the first two rounds of the Ice World Cup which took place in January. They were as follows: The first round took place in Valle Daone on the 20th-22nd January: Men 1. Samuel Anthamatten (SWI) 1. Harald Berger (AUT) 3. Herbert Klammer (ITA) 4. Simon Wandeler (SWI) 5. Simon Anthamatten (SWI) Women 1.   Ines Papert (GER) 2.   Anna Torretta (ITA) 3.   Stéphanie Maureau (FRA) 4.   Kirsten Buchmann (AUT) 5.   Petra Muller (SWI) Source: DaoneIceMaster The second round took place on the 27th and 28th of January in Spicak in the Czech Republic. The results were as follows: Men: 1 Simon Wadeler (SWI) 2 Markus Bendler (AUT) 3 Harald Berger (AUT) 4 Yevgen Kryvosheytsev (UKR) 5 Samuel Anthamatten (SWI) 6 Israel Blanco Rodríguez (ESP) 7 Jack Müller (SWI) 8 Gerd Dönhuber (GER) 9 Jan Doudlebský (SWI) 10 Jiøí Pelikán (CZ) Women: 1 Ines Papert (GER) 2 Ksenia Sdobnikova (RUS) 3 Anna Torretta (ITA) 4 Petra Müller (SWI) 5 Jitka Mázlová (CZ) 6 Franziska Dönhuber (GER) 7 Julia Oleynikova (RUS) 8 Jaroslava Melounová (CZ) Source: Icebreaker The third round will take place this weekend in Saas Fe, Switzerland