IFSC Climbing Events 2014: A new outlook and new ambitions for IFSC events

3 weeks before the IFSC Climbing season starts in Chongqing (CHN) this April 2014 26-27th, the International Federation of Sport Climbing is proud to present its new brand strategy with a brand new IFSC events graphic identity.

A new events logo to support the IFSC's visibility worldwide A new events logo to support the IFSC's visibility worldwide

The IFSC is the international governing body that endeavors to encourage, promote, develop, and supervise climbing competitions worldwide as well as to generally promote climbing as a healthy and educational activity for people of all ages.

The last decade has been a period of spectacular growth for both sport climbing and the IFSC. Sport climbing has gained credibility not only as competitive sport, but also for its social values. With 26 events (23 IFSC World Cups, 2 World Championships, 1 World Youth Championships) broadcasted worldwide and the recent selection of Sport Climbing as demonstration sport at the next Youth Olympic Games, Sport Climbing is eager to reinforce its global exposure and strengthen its corporate events identity.

"Our fast development and the constant improvement of our events have to be supported by a strong identity that exhibits both consistency and differentiation. This identity shall address first and foremost our young and involved community", said Anne FUYNEL, IFSC Marketing & Communications Director.

An identity that represents the values and the culture of the climbing community

Composed of a generic logo for the IFSC World Cup Series, plus a series of dedicated logos specifically adapted to the IFSC events and a complete graphic charter for events, the new IFSC events identity is designed to be universal and, at the same time, resonate with specific national cultures. It was fundamental that it speaks to each country and that each would be able to adopt it easily. Thus, this logo has united all the National Federations behind a single and powerful identity.

For each event, there is a specific logo that includes and highlights the name of the host city. With this new graphic identity, we have been able to solve the tricky equation: "think global, act local." We've created a logo that is at once universal and yet honors the specific contribution of each welcoming region.

Likewise, it was crucial that this logo represents all three disciplines (Lead, Boulder, and Speed) together, and, on the other hand, each of them in their specificity.

Based on the IFSC logo, the events logo features the traditional symbols of sport climbing (the climber and wall) but also represents our core values: simplicity, dynamism, and strength. These are conveyed through clean lines, reliefs, and volumes with a 3-D structure and three colors:

  • blue
    that represents dreams, loyalty, serenity, and the sky you strive to reach when you climb
  • black
    for elegancy, rigor and simplicity
  • gold
    the color of the medal you want to win

The events logo is accompanied by a complete event communication toolkit that includes wall signs and numerous promotion tools (beach flags, banners, flags, etc.). These toolkits will be sent to each IFSC Event Organizer thanks to the outstanding support of the

Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA), an IFSC Golden Member:

"I am very confident that climbing has huge potential marketing value, and I sincerely wish our sport a prosperous 2014!" remarked Mr. Li Zhixin, IFSC Vice President Communication.

See you in 3 weeks in Chongqing (CHN) for the first glimpse of the new IFSC events identity in action!

QuellePierre-Emmanuel Danger (IFSC)