IFSC teams up with Red Bull Media House

The IFSC is pleased to announce a partnership with Red Bull Media House for the 2014 season. The IFSC grants exclusive rights to the live stream of two of our Bouldering events on Red Bull TV: the Boulder World Cup in Innsbruck (AUT), on May 16-17, and the Boulder World Championship in Munich (GER), on August 21-23.

Red Bull Media HouseThe IFSC is excited to present their 2014 agreement signed recently with Red Bull Media House. The partnership is key to the IFSC's goal of promoting climbing, both as a sport and a healthy, dynamic lifestyle, among a wider audience.

Under the terms of the agreement, the media company will have exclusive rights to the live streaming of two IFSC events on Red Bull TV: First, the finals of the IFSC Boulder World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria, the fourth boulder competition and the second solo boulder World Cup of the 2014 season, on May 17. Second, they will be covering the finals of the IFSC Boulder World Championship in Munich, Germany on August 23.

A match in ambition and ideals

IFSC Marketing and Communications Director, Anne Fuynel, commented, "This is the first time that the IFSC is partnering with Red Bull Media House. It shows that Sport Climbing has grown very fast, attracts a large worldwide community as well as the young generations, and shares relevant values with our new partner: a dynamic lifestyle characterized by freedom, constant striving for precision, challenging goals and breathtaking sensations."

The IFSC is extremely pleased with this opportunity to help the sport reach an even larger public. Not only will Red Bull Media House's coverage increase Sport Climbing's visibility, it will do so through state-of-the-art live streaming feeds, perfect for showcasing the beauty and difficulty of the sport.

IFSC streaming & dedicated microsite

The live streaming of the events will be available on Red Bull TV online, mobile via its iOS and Android app and on selected partners' platforms such as Apple TV, Xbox360 or Chromecast. The live feeds will also be embedded into the live player on the IFSC homepage. On the IFSCdedicated microsite on RedBull.com, climbing enthusiasts and fans can then dive even deeper into fascinating background stories and explore everything about this action-packed sport.

About the IFSC

Created in 2007, the IFSC is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the governing body of sport climbing competitions worldwide. The IFSC is a nongovernmental, non-profit international association that aims to regulate, promote, and further climbing competitions worldwide.

About Red Bull Media House

A global media company, Red Bull Media House produces, publishes, distributes and licenses high-quality sport, entertainment and educational programming from the areas of Sport & Lifestyle, Nature & Science and Tradition & Inspiration. Its product portfolio includes sport and lifestyle programming, documentaries, feature films, music, games and mobile apps, as well as print and online magazines, that fascinate and inspire audiences all over the world – through all media channels and on all types of devices.

The company's centralized media hub, the Red Bull Content Pool, provides access to high-resolution imagery and HD moving images for editorial use, as well as licensable content in the Premium section.

QuelleMeriwether Burruss (IFSC)