Iker Pou repeats

Iker Pou has repeated Beat Kammerlander´s Silbergeier, a 200m/8b+ devided into 7 pitches. Due to bad weather, it rained every day during his two week stay, Iker never got a fair chance to send all the pitches in one push, so maybe he´ll be back… Silbergeier is one of the hardest multi-pitches in the World surpassed only by Bellavista and The end of silence, both 8c, In Qualido, 8b+/c (all pitches freed but not in one push) and perhaps Unendliche Gesichte. A challange for the future should be another Kammerlander-project: Wogu, which probably has two pitches of 8c+… We thank Fabio Palma for the additional information.