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Alan James climbing at Montserrat during the meet in May 2009Jack Geldard, May 2009© Alan recently attended the ClimbWeb.Net conference at Albi, Spain. ClimbWeb is a global network of climbing websites and was founded in 2007.Describing the group of websites, Sarah Burmester of commented:”The group of members is largely based on mutual understanding of respectful conduct, friendship, and of course the passion for climbing.”The ten member websites (including work together, sharing information and ideas, helping with language translations and advising on technical issues and other areas of their expertise. The sites range from large professional websites through to local climbing sites. This mixture of sizes and outlooks maintains a healthy and friendly spirit in the group.Attending on behalf of were Director Alan James and Editor Jack Geldard.Jack Geldard said:”We have forged strong links with many leading climbing websites. In this age of global news, it really helps if we can all work together and operate to a set of guidelines that help speed up content sharing and benefit all members of the group and our readers.”He added:”Oh, and we went climbing too – which was great!”

Jack Geldard climbing Mandragora at Siurana during the meet in May 2009© Alan James, May 2009

Alan James commented:”It was fascinating to meet people from all over the world who shared a common interest in climbing and the internet. The most interesting aspect for me was how we all seemed to share similar ideals with regard to what we want to achieve from our climbing and work.”Internet climbing journalism isn't a cut-throat industry, and rival sites often operate in a friendly and cooperative way.”We had a great time climbing and drinking beer with a bunch of really nice people.” remarked Alan James.The meeting visited the Spanish sport climbing destinations of Montserrat, Margalef and Siurana but the main focus was in depth discussions concerning the development of climbing media on the internet and the future of climbing journalism.Of immediate benefit to readers will be increased coverage of international competition events, as journalists from each website are set to report on key events that are located close to their homes.In the long term, more general strategies and ideas were discussed and links between international sites have been strengthened.

The meet in May 2009 in Albi, Catalunya© Alan James, May 2009

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