James Pearson eats Ready Brek

17 year old James Pearson recently made what he thinks is probably the 4th ascent of Simon Nadin´s 80´s test piece “Who Needs Ready Brek” at The Third Cloud, in the Roaches area of Staffordshire grit. Originally graded E4 7a by Nadin, current thinking is that a highball bouldering grade is perhaps more appropriate, with grades between Font 7c and 8a+ having been suggested. Whatever the grade ends up as, one thing all ascencionists, and would be´s, agree on is that it´s certianly a fantastic problem, and is very hard and technical – yet another testiment to Mr Nadin´s legendary status.Having been climbing for less than two years now, James has already amassed an impressive list of problems to his name – the next hardest being the technical slab, Bobba Fet (Font 7c), at the Roaches. James hasn´t set his sights purely on the boulders of Staffordshire but has recently bought himself a rack, utilising some if it for his second ever lead (headpoint) -Kaluza Klein, Dawes´ classic E7 6c arete at Robin Hood´s Stride. Another case of “watch this space”?