JWOC Middle Final

Women´s Champion Betty Ann Bjerkreim NilsenAs we have been getting towards the end of the week, the temperatures have been soaring in southern Lithuania to the mid thirties, making it uncomfortably hot, especially for the British athletes. They wilted slightly in the heat and had another day to forget. Top Brits were Lizzie Adams and Oleg Chepelin, both in their final year as a junior. Both will be disappointed not to finish with a better result as a reward for all their hard training. Amazingly there was a tie for the gold medal in the men´s race, with Danish Soren Bobach and Czech Jan Benes both completing the course in exactly the same time. Even more incredible is the fact that Soren Bobach is only 16 and has another 3 more years to add to his tally. Olav Lundanes, the Norwegian multiple medallist took the bronze. The women´s race was very exciting with a gripping climax. With only the last 3 controls to go, the Swede and reigning champion Anna Persson had a big lead, and she then blew it to let 3 people pass her. Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen took the gold, 2 years after her brother won the middle race in Poland. Ulrika Uotila lead for much of the day, but she ended up in second place with the 16 year old Signe Klinting taking bronze. Women´s results 1 Nilsen Betty Ann Bjerkreim NORWAY 0:26:192 Uotila Ulrika FINLAND 0:26:383 Klinting Signe DENMARK 0:26:574 Persson Anna SWEDEN 0:27:055 Svensson Eva SWEDEN 0:27:146 Jahren Silje Ekrole NORWAY 0:27:3938 Adams Lizzie GREAT BRITAIN 0:33:5347 Edwards Anne GREAT BRITAIN 0:36:36Men´s results 1 Benes Jan CZECH REPUBLIC 0:25:091 Bobach Soren DENMARK 0:25:093 Lundanes Olav NORWAY 0:25:144 Gvildys Jonas Vytautas LITHUANIA 0:25:215 Taivainen Olli Markus FINLAND 0:25:375 Puusepp Markus ESTONIA 0:25:3735 Chepelin Oleg GREAT BRITAIN 0:30:0949 Tullie James GREAT BRITAIN 0:33:0955 Tullie Douglas GREAT BRITAIN 0:42:48