Kendal Mountain Festivals

by Mick Ryan – Whilst climbing and mountaineering is a sport long dominated by men, participation levels amongst women have increased and women represent around 25% of all climbers according to the BMC. Women enjoy climbing as much as men (that´s official) and the elite women perform quite often as well as the top boys (that´s also official).But, still there are issues. Common questions include: “Are there barriers, perceived or real, that prevent women from starting climbing? Is climbing sexist? Can women ever perform at the level of the top men – in the Alps or on the boulders? How can male climbers be educated about women´s issues without crying FEMINIST!!!! Will we ever have a female CEO of the BMC? Should a mother climb?In a climbing marriage with kids how come it is the woman who doesn´t get to go out climbing?” On Sunday 23 November at 4.00pm at the Kendal Mountain Festival such questions and many more will be discussed in a round table event, A woman´s place? when Lucy Creamer will join Steph Davis, Zoe Hart and Karen Darke in a panel chaired by Louise Thomas to talk with the audience about issues relating to women and climbing. Run along the lines of ´Any Questions?´. YOU can put your own questions to the panel in advance by posting them on this forum topic. ? Au Dela des Cimes: Catherine Destivelle ? Free Solo and Base: Steph Davis ? A Year in the Life of an Alpine Princess: Zoe Hart ? If You Fall: Karen Darke ? Chasing Glaciers: Zoe Hart Full details and