Klem´s two triple 0

Late in the year Klem Loskot opened what he says is one of the hardest dyno´s he´s done Golden Fly at Fichtelgebirge. In a new cave near Salzburg he opened Die Gotler Sind die Sieger – one of the hardest problems of the year for Klem. On the road with his friends in Chironico he did Raindogs, 8a, 2nd shot, Les Doights Verts 8a/8a+ flash, Le Pilier, 8a, flash. Next stop was Targasonne where he and Martin “Mungo” Hanselmayer sent the span dependent Psoass Mole 8b bloc. Klem also added a 2 move 8a start to the 8a traverse Queen of Hearts and added a 7c+ dyno finish to Uniformicide 8a. In Spain 1st stop was El Escorial where he repeated Kike y el espacio tiempo 7c+/8a 2nd shot, Mega Puerta 8a 2nd shot, Katapult 8a, La Ballena 8a+ and opened El Monstruode de las Ragletas 8b (graded by locals?). In La Pedriza he opened a heap of new problems including Show me the way to your Heart 8a. In Siurana he repeated Enterredor 8a in 2 shots and added some hard stuff including I get my kicks on Planet Six which Klem reckons had the hardest move he did in Spain. News courtesy of The Boulder Lounge Check out Klem´s Scorecard in a day or two!