Leah Crane climbs Ben´s Roof – V10

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Leah Crane has climbed Ben´s Roof (Font 7c+/V10) atRaven Tor in the Peak District.It took Leah a sustained effort over a two week period, including torch/lamp lit sessions after work. This is possibly the 3rd female ascent of Ben´s Roof after Lucy Creamer andSiobhan Coughlan. It is thought that V10 is still the hardest grade of boulder problem that has been climbed in Britain by a female climber.Leah commented after her ascent:”I´m really pleased to have climbed this grade in the UK, I´ve recentlyclimbed two Font 7c´s in Switzerland, and climbing 7c+ has really mademe feel I can achieve even harder. I´m also really pleased I don´t have to get back on it, as the knee bar is so painful!” UKC reported on Leah´s recent hard bouldering successes HERE and with videos in a Premier Post.We might be seeing more hard climbing from Leah in the coming few weeks as she is winging her way to the European Cup, followed by a three week trip to Fontainebleau. Good luck Leah! Watch the video of Leah´s ascent: See Leah´s Berghaus Blog for a report on her ascent. Leah also has her own website: leahcraneclimbing.comThanks toTimglasby.com for the photograph Leah is sponsored by Berghaus, Evolv, Metolius and the ClimbingWorks.