Leah Crane Gets First After Tough Decision

Most eleven year olds would have been more than keen to win a place at the Schools National Sports Acrobatic Gymnastic Competition, but for eleven year old Leah Crane it posed a problem. The competition was on the same day as the first round of the 2001 British Regional Youth Climbing Series (BRYCS), in Sheffield. There was, however not much hesitation, and Leah chose to climb, and won. Not one to start late in life, Leah´s parents eventually chose the path of least resistance, and let her fulfil her desire to climb at the age of five, and she quickly demonstrated a huge natural talent. In addition to her gymnastics training, Leah is coached three nights a week by David Dicks, an instructor at the Nottingham Climbing Centre who quickly recognised her ability. Leah´s goal is to be selected for the British Team- once she is old enough. In the meantime she is going to continue competing in the BRYCS series, fortunately the next round comes a whole day before her next gymnastics event.