Llanberis Slate Quarries Closed For Filming

Installing Porta-Cabins in the Llanberis Slate QuarriesUKC News© Mark Reeves / Life in the VerticalA remake of the film Clash of the Titans is set to be filmed in the Llanberis slate quarries.As of the 29th June the 'main drag' (the broad path from Dinorwig to Nant Peris through the slate quarries) will be closed for around 4 to 6 weeks. The quarries surrounding this path will be closed to climbing and the main drag (which is a public footpath) will also be closed. First Hydro who own the land have applied for permission to close the path to allow for safe filming as fences keeping people away from the large drops of Twll Mawr and Dali's Hole are being removed.First Hydro have been paid in the region of £50,000 by Warner Bros for the use of the quarries and, commenting in the local paper the Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald, the Location Manager for Warner Bros stated that they will be spending over £1.25 million locally, which is a large boost to the area's economy.Security guards are now posted on the main entrances to the quarries and have been friendly, helpful and professional in letting quarry users know that there will be a closure. They will be stationed in the quarries for the entire duration of filming to look after the equipment and porta-cabins that are now being set up in the large flat area before the main quarries.Negotiations between First Hydro and BMC Cymru are on goingMike Raine, local access repThere have been other issues with access to the slate quarries recently, with rumours circulating that after the filming the quarries will remain closed to climbers.It is worth remembering that the slate quarries are on private land and that climbing is officially not allowed. Large organised groups from outdoor centres using venues in full view of the main drag (such as Dali's Hole) have been approached by security guards from First Hydro and asked to leave. Normal climbing by individuals has not been a problem.”BMC Cymru are fully engaged with First Hydro and the situation is sensitive, but not bleak. I think the message to get across is to ignore rumours, and climbers should under no circumstances damage fencing or signs.” commented Ray Wood, local climber and BMC Cymru secretary.Back to the film:The remake of Clash of the Titans is due out in March 2010. Clash of the Titans actor Sam Worthington (Perseus) recently had this to say on The Internet Movie database (IMDb) about how the filming was going: “We've done two weeks…We took on the Medusa. We've took on the witches. Next week we've got to take on the Scorpius and then we go and f***ing kill the Kraken. So, you know, at the moment it's all guns blaring kind of thing.”If you do see the Kraken, perhaps in Vivian pool, the official UKC advice is not to approach it, keep calm and call BMC Cymru. Nesting restrictions may be in place.VIDEO: The Original Clash of the Titans TrailerThanks go to Mark Reeves for the photograph. You can see more of Mark's photography on his blog: Life in the Vertical Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen