Long distance qualification at the World Orienteering Championships

Today it was time for the long distance qualifiers. The men had 11km (estimated winning time 60 mins) and the women had 7km (estimated winning time 48 minutes). After the GB team´s fantastic start to the week, the confidence was high all round for a repeat performance. In the women´s, there were strong performances by the Swiss women, especially by reigning champion Simone Niggli who won her heat in the fastest time of the day. Other heat winners were Tanja Riabkina (RUS) and Heli Jukkola (FIN). In the men´s the Finn Jani Lakanen was easily the strongest, the only man under an hour and the winner of his heat by two minutes. Valentin Novikov (RUS) and Anders Nordberg (NOR) also won their heats. The British women had another good day, although this time it was Jenny Whitehead´s turn to cut it fine. She qualified in her heat in 15th place, by a margin of less than 3 seconds. Rachel Elder was 13th in her heat and Alison O´Neil, the youngest member of the British team, took 7th place in her heat. Jamie Stevenson, GB´s top runner, qualified comfortably in 4th place. Jon Duncan, the GB team captain was 6th. After a poor start he had a great run to pull himself back up the leaderboard. The only unfortunate incident of the day was the disqualification of Oli Johnson, after a technical problem with the electronic timing equipment. Despite an official protest, he was not re-instated, and so will have to sit out the final and concentrate solely on the relay competition. Results Men´s A 1 Jani Lakanen FIN  00:58:21.10  2 Michal Smola CZE  01:00:15.70  01:54.603 Thierry Gueorgiou FRA  01:00:17.30  01:56.204 Jamie Stevenson GBR  01:00:40.50  02:19.40Men´s B 1 Valentin Novikov RUS  01:00:52.40  2 François Gonon FRA  01:01:26.50  00:34.103 Holger Hott Johansen NOR  01:01:53.50  01:01.10Oli Johnson GBR  Missing PunchMen´s C 1 Anders Nordberg NOR  01:00:55.90  2 Chris Terkelsen DEN  01:01:45.90  00:00:503 Christian Ott SUI  01:02:23.00  01:27.106 Jon Duncan GBR  01:03:47.80  02:51.90Women´s A 1 Tanja Riabkina RUS  00:48:57.30  2 Martina Fritschy SUI  00:50:21.50  01:24.203 Maria Rantala FIN  00:50:50.20  01:52.9013 Rachael Elder GBR  00:58:41.10  09:43.80Women´s B 1 Simone Niggli-Luder SUI  00:47:27.60  2 Vroni König-Salmi SUI  00:47:31.40  00:03.803 Emma Engstrand SWE  00:47:56.80  00:29.207 Alison O´Neil GBR  00:52:59.30  05:31.70Women´s C 1 Heli Jukkola FIN  00:47:50.20  2 Dana Brozková CZE  00:48:20.40  00:30.203 Karin Schmalfeld GER  00:50:27.20  00:02:3715 Jenny Whitehead GBR  00:58:11.10  10:20.90The final takes place on Wednesday in Addit and Løndal which is an area that has never been used for orienteering before. The women´s race will be 11.7 km (75mins) and the men´s 17.2km (100mins). Follow all the action on the WOC website