Lucy Creamer at Raven Tor

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Lucy Creamer has been keeping her sport climbing fitness high at Raven Tor, climbing the F8b link-up of Weedkiller Traverse in to Chimes of Freedom. She said: “It´s really quite a cool line actually but I know it´s not an actual route” There are several Raven Tor link-ups that get sport grades, and the lines and links start to make sense when you look at the natural features of the crag. “I had been planning to go off tradding but due to weather and othercommitments, found myself stuck in Sheff for a bit. The tor seemed likea good fall back as you can climb in the rain (!) and I hadn´t doneweedkiller trav before, so did that one afternoon and lacking moreinspiration decided to link it into Chimes. I managed to get it done the day before I left Sheff to go away with my family down south.” commented Lucy after her ascent. Earlier in the year (before the disappearance of the famous tree) Lucy also managed an on sight ascent of Body Machine (F7c) at Raven Tor: “I had been saving it for years and didn´t think I had much chance onit, as I´m not as fit as I have been at the mo, but managed to pull itout the bag. What an awesome route! I couldn´t believe how good it wasand obviously I was really pleased to have onsighted it.”