Malc Smith climbs Scotland's hardest [updated]

In the evening of 7 July, Malcolm Smith made the FA of Hunger, at The Anvil:First ascent of 'Hunger' 9a at the Anvil this evening. It ended up feeling a notch harder than 'Blood Diamond', more sustained. I've maybe climbed harder on the boulders but it's certainly my hardest route so far. Thanks for going out Mark!Stay tuned for an interview with the manUnfortunately Malc decided not to do the interview after all. While working with the answers, he realized this wasn't what he wanted. He says he doesn't need the publicity and that he's never been comfortable with the whole thing. He's more a fan of the Gaskins way of marketing.Needless to say, I fully respect Malc's decision.

Malcolm Smith on the FA of Hunger, 9a, The AnvilBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jul 2010© Mark McGowan

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