by Mick Ryan – Keith Bradbury .. Winner The winners of MARMOT On Sight CLIP COMPETITION have been decided and announced.The judges were Hugh Harris of Marmot UK, Mick Ryan of and award winning film maker, Alastair Lee of Posing Productions who said, “Overall very impressed with the level submitted to the competition – a success! ” There were 34 entries. The winner is Keith Bradbury and his In the Handholds of Greatness. On hearing the news this morning Keith said, “That´s great. It seems my Christmas is arriving a little early this year. I finally did Amber and now this! I´ve just arrived in Belgium after a marathon 10 hour drive from Cresciano through serious amounts of snow, ice and rain! The Marmot gear sounds amazing.” Thanks for letting me know and thanks again for picking my video!” The joint second prizes go to Alison Stockwell and her Meeting Paul Williams, and Super8 by Dave Flanagan. See the winning clips with Alastair Lee´s comments at MARMOT On Sight CLIP COMPETITION – The Winners THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED. It is very much appreciated by all at, and YES, we have more Creative Competitions coming up in 2009.