Mary Woodbridge cancels attempt on Everest, goes for Pendle instead

by Mick Ryan Mary Woodbridge Mary Woodbridge, 85, from Greenfield (near Oldham, England, UK) and her cute daschund, Daisy, planned to climb a new direct line on Mount Everest (8,850m…..29,035ft) after buying a Mammut jacket. Her slick website Mary attracted attention from across the globe. See news reports. However due to high blood pressure caused by her busy schedule of media appearances and sponsorship meetings (and too much sherry at these shindigs) her Doctor has recommended that she lower her sights and she has announced that she will attempt a sherpa assisted ascent of the trecherous and unclimbed North Face of Pendle Hill (558m….1831ft) instead. Mary was contemplative about her change of plan when caught her at the Clarence Hotel in Greenfield, “One has to be realistic in life. I´ll still hold onto my dream of Everest but I think this smaller step, although not to be understimated, is achievable.” You can see Mary´s proposed route up Pendle´s unclimbed North Face, tagged the Demdike Face by Doug Scott, here Mary is being represented by the same PR company,Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett of Zurich and they have more details of Mary´s plans, including details of how you can help at Mary