MCC ´Christie´s 24-hour Seven Summits Challenge´.

by UKC News On 25/26 April 2008, the Manchester Climbing Centre (MCC) is hosting the ´Christie´s 24-hour Seven Summits Challenge´. The objective is for climbers to climb the combined total height of the Seven Summits (43,322m) at MCC, with all the proceeds going to Christie´s Hospital in Manchester (website). MCC are looking for teams of 3 climbers to take part and help them achieve the target height. You can come for all or part of the 24 hours, and all they ask is that you climb as high as you can, and get your sponsor money in!Prizes will be awarded to teams who climb the highest, and there will be loads of giveaways on the day. We are also hosting a silent auction with prizes, and are expecting celebrity guests.This event was kicked off by two of MCC´s regular climbers, 10-year-olds Molly and Sophie, who decided to raise money for Christie´s after Molly´s mum Carol was treated there.More info and registration forms can be found at the MCC website. Alternatively, you can speak to Naomi at the centre on 0161 2307006.