McClure Adds f9a+ to Malham

Just got off the phone to Steve McClure who yesterday established his hardest sport route to date at Malham. As yet un-named the route is an extension to Overnight Sensation, f8a+. When asked about the all important grade he said he´d be selling himself short to give it f9a as it is way harder than anything he has previously climbed, but is reluctant to give it f9b as he´s never climbed anything harder than f9a+ before. The consensus: f9a+. What´s perhaps most remarkable about the ascent is the fact that almost immediately upon finishing the route he came down with a full on cold and is today moping about the house unable to even think about celebrating! He first tried it 3 years ago and has spent over 30 days on the route, 16 of which were this year. The last few weeks has seen him travelling up at 10am, returning at 11pm three times a week!