Mills and Luther on sending spree

Dan Mills and Patrick “Fish” Luther have been sending hard these last couple of weeks. Fish climbed eight 8A+´s and a handful of 8A´s and 7C+´s. But that´s not all, Dan mills sent three 8B´s, ETecho los tres B, Crown of Aragorn and Lutherslowly establishing himself into the 8B to 8B+ range. Dan also climbed a handful of 8A+´s and 8A´s. Patrick Luther also plans on sending 8B to 8B+ very soon and Dan predicts this will happen due to the fact of what Dan saw on Patrick´s hitlist. He goes on to says it´s only the beginning of the send fest as they will be training and traveling to bishop soon. I wish it was that easy, just planning and sending… (Editor´s note)