Mountain Marathon Championships launched

Brand new for 2007 is the planetFear Mountain Marathon Series. It?s a great new national championship comprising the premier Mountain Marathon events in the UK.You´ll need to compete in at least three Elite events out of the five leading UK Mountain Marathons to score:GL3D 05-07 May 2007 (Snowdonia / Website)LAMM Elite Class 09-10 Jun 2007 (Scotland / Website)Saunders Klets Class 07-08 Jul 2007 (Lake District / Website)Mourne Elite Class 15-16 Sep 2007 (Mourne Mountains / Website)OMM Elite Class 27-28 Oct 2007 (Location ? – Website) The total score for each pair will be made up from 2 events you complete as a pair and one other individual score for each of you. The OMM, LAMM and Mourne are pairs events so you will both need to complete 2 of these. The Saunders Klets and GL3D are solo events so you each need to complete one of these OR get an individual score by running in the other pairs event with a different partner.For Year One it?s simple ? 1st 3 overall get prizes, no mixed, no ladies, no vets, no juniors and all on the Elite courses. Of course, we hope that many of you are excited by the series and the idea and that next year we will be back with more categories and more prizes.1st pair – £500 cash and a perpetual trophy2nd pair – £250 cash3rd pair – £100 cash If you are serious about the sport you will want to be part of the series. Each of the events in the series is slightly different so only by taking part can you really see whether you are better and faster than your mates in rain and shine, highlands and lowlands. Whether you fare better in the rain and gales of the OMM, the rough footing and bigger hills of the connoisseurs marathon ? the LAMM or the solo navigational challenge of the Saunders Klets For further information and to register for the series please visit runfurther.