New E9 in Scotland by Dave MacLeod

After one of his best seasons to date Dave MacLeod has finished it of with another big number for Scotland. “The Fugue” E9 6c/7a takes the 40-degree barrel shaped wall in the centre of Upper Crag at Glen Croe. Dave first tried the line last year in which it took him five days to link together. The climbing equates to Fr 8a+, Dave comments: “It´s probably harder than ´Spiral Tribe´ or ´Cease Fire´ (F8a+) at Ogle. The crux is a similar grade to ´Shield´ (Font 7b+) at Dumbarton.” Those familiar with Dave´s siege on his last E9, “Achemine” will remember the airtime clocked up before the successful redpoint. In contrast “The Fugue” is serious, despite its ten poor pieces (RPs and cams) behind a loose flaky jug [sounds like a Peak District E9 we can think of – UKC Ed] it still translates to a nasty fall which Dave seems to have appreciated enough not to try.