New Features and enhancements at

by Alan James At we are always trying to improve the site to keep up with the latest technologies, and to offer more to our users. Over the last week we have upgraded two sections of the site – the Photo Gallery and the For Sale/Wanted forum. We are hoping to make some improvements to the Logbook system and Crag Database over the next month or two. Photo Gallery Changes We have increased the maximum size allowed for photos to from 125kb to 250kb. This will enable users to upload larger photos to take advantage of the bigger screen size that most users now have. Additionally, the 250kb file size limit will allow for much higher quality than before. In the past a lot of users have struggled to resize their photographs for display on UKC due to lack of the right software or not having the technical knowledge required. From now on this won´t be a problem since the system will now auto-resize jpegs at the point of upload to give the maximum quality and size. You can now take the photos straight off the camera without using any additional software. For Sale Forum Changes The For Sale forum has been increasing in popularity over recent years and a lot of people find it the best place to buy and sell gear. The captive audience of 40,000+ registered users and hassle-free listing process mean that many find it better than eBay. To improve the selling environment we have added a dedicated For Sale Premier Post option for all sales above £100. For a small fee this enables you to include a photo and position your post at the top of the For Sale Forum for a week or more. There has been some discussion on the Forums about this change.