New Winter Routes on Winter Meet

by BMC Katsutaka Yokoyama The BMC / MCofS International Winter Meet that took place at Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorms from Friday 23 February to Friday 2 March 2007 was a great success and we have ran several news items on the meet (see below). There were 45 international guests from 22 countries attending the meet.There were also 30 hosts from all over the UK showing the guests the delights of Scottish winter climbing, walking and mountaineering. Along with the many routes enjoyed there were also several new routes established by those on the meet. They include: Dave MacLeod, Hiroyoshi Manome and Katsutaka Yokoyama (both Japan) did a new route on the Comb above the Good Groove graded VIII 8. You can read the full details of this ascent at Dave MacLeod´s blogspot. Viv Scott and Domagoj Bojko (Croatia) did a new route VIII 8 that takes the obvious hanging chimney just left of South Sea Bubble and has provisionally named the route Salva Mea.Ian Parnell and Sean Isaac (Canada) did a new line based around the line of Last Stand on the Sioux Wall and provisionally named it Curly´s AreteVIII 8 Source: BMC website. ( Source: BMC )