New World Dyno Record – 2.775m!

Dyno Competitions seem to be all the rage this month. A couple of weeks ago American Skyler Weeks flew over to Sheffield to take part in the comp at Cliffhanger where he broke the official record (2.60m) with a jump of 2.625m. Then last weekend German Peter Wurth set a new record at the Edelrid High Jump Competition at the European Trade Show in Friedrichshaven with an incredible jump of 2.775m (he reportedly jumped 2.80m after the competition too!). The official Bendecrete Dyno holds were used so this looks like an official record. Now, somebody recreate a dyno board at a wall in the UK and let?s get training to take the record back! There?s a discussion on the record AT And some photos of Peter here: Related News: Dyno Record broken at Cliffhanger Event>> Dyno Record at Outdoors Show>>