NEWSFLASH: Lucy Creamer – F8b+

Lucy Creamer on Kalea Borroka (F8b+)UKC News© Chris DoyleWe have had a report that Lucy Creamer has climbedKalea Borroka (F8b+).Lucy has been on an extended trip to Spain, climbing lots of hard routes both redpoint and on sight (UKC News).Lucy had set her sights on a F8b+ at El Pati: “I'm hoping that after this short trip back to the UK that the weather will still be ok and I'll finally be able to put some time in at El Pati on Kalea Borroka (F8b+), we will see.”We've just had an update from Ben Heason who is out in Spain, via Matt Heason:
Lucy Creamer in SpainUKC News© Tim Glasby”Lucy red-pointed her first F8b+, rather lucky as the route seeps and it's rained heaps since she did it…”As far as we know this is the first F8b+ climbed by a British woman.This is a preliminary report, we hope to have a full report on this ascent soon. Congratulations to Lucy.Thanks go to Matt and Ben Heason and to Chris Doyle for the action photo.Lucy Creamer is sponsored by Marmot, Scarpa and Grivel

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