NEWSFLASH: Tim Emmett Climbs Pembroke Super-Route

Tim Emmett half way through the run-out. You can see the threads of Ghost Train below and his next gear above.UKC News, Jun 2010© Simon Wilson

Tim Emmett has climbed his mega project in Stennis Ford, Pembroke, South Wales.The route tackles the stunning and blank wall just left of the now classic trouser-filler Ghost Train (E6 6b).Tim has been working the route for some time and was filmed on it last year. The route features very hard physical climbing (mid F8's) with a similar sized run-out to Ghost Train (which is around F7a+/b), which will add up to a pretty hefty E grade, given a fall from the end of the run out could result in a ground/ground-sweeping fall from around 25m.Tim has only just returned from Scotland where he has been climbing and filming with Dave MacLeod in a Scottish sea cliff extravaganza.We hope to bring you the name, grade and more details in a full report soon.Tim has a blog at PlanetFear – check it out – no new details as of yet, but they will be coming soon.Tim Emmett is sponsored by Black Diamond, Scarpa, Mountain Hardware,, Addidas eyewear, Yamgo. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen