Parry Does Well At IFSC Climbing Worldcup at Erlangen, Germany

by Mick Ryan We get that much news about the Gaz Parry ´brand´ these days it may almost be worth it setting up his own news channel at First off, on 25 March, Gaz won the E9 Norway Masters Bouldering Competition in Lillehammer, Norway walking away with a 10000 Krone cheque, a massive Sohill Boulder Pad and an E9 jacket (see results at This last weekend saw Gaz compete in the first round of the Bouldering World Cup in Erlangen, Germany.Gaz Parry finished in 5th place with other GBR´s below, Mark Croxall in 19th, Stewart Watson 23rd, Roddy Mackenzie in 24th and David Barrans in 25th. The winners were the Ukrainian brother and sister, Mykhaylo and Olga Shalagina. You can view the full results of the IFSC Climbing Worldcup at Erlangen, Germany (30/31 March 2007) at