Paul Robinson has begun

Paul Robinson has now settled down at his home away from home. The plan was to stay in Innsbruck, but for the time being, he and Alex have established their HQ in Ticino.On their way there from Paris, they stopped by at Fionnay and Branson to smaple what those spots had to offer. Paul repeated Scarred for Life stand, 8A+, Le Lent Silence du Moleskine, 8B+ trav/8B bloc, second ascent, Seveso, 8B, Permanent Midnight, 8B, and Radja, 8B+.Source: 27 cragsPaul says Fionnay was really nice and that he'd like to return, but there was basically nothing there for Alex to climb, so it wouldn't have been fair to stay longer.As soon as the weather cools, I'm sure we'll hear more from Ticino, especially as Carlo Traversi will be joining Paul there next week.

Paul Robinson on Monkey weddingBjörn Pohl – UKC, Sep 2010© Alex Kahn

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