Peak Access News

Bamford Moor and Edge There are now no restrictions on pedestrain access, but please respect the fact that dogs are banned at all times from this grouse moor – unless the dog is actually on the public right of way and on a lead of two metres or less. Stanage There are two Ring Ouzel locations to avoid until the end of July: The Cowper Stone pair have relocated beyond Chippy Buttress. If you are bouldering the Green Circuit, up to Battered Sausage is fine but please do not go beyond there. The others are nesting in the bracken beds below Hargreaves Original with no climbs affected. Please only walk through this area on well defined paths and ensure dogs don´t root around in there. Ravensdale The restriction on Medusa and contiguous routes has come back due to a kestrel which is likely to be there until July. Ramshaw Please avoid the Lower Tier around Crab Walk again due to a kestrel and until the end of July. Five Clouds, Millstone, Rivelin All restrictions have been lifted Chee Dale For the second time this year the BMC has received complaints about the amount of litter at climbing sites in Chee Dale. It may be that groups/passersby are responsible rather than climbers but if you are in the Dale please help by collecting any litter you come across. Cole Hill (South East) Quarry There is absolutely no site access to this site. The BMC is in negotiation with the landowner. Any presence at all by any climbers will only worsen the situation.