Peak District Skiing Report + Movie

Perhaps trying not to be out done by the Ben Cossey impressive night time ascent of Parthion Shot last week (details here) Andy Benson and Dave Sykes along with planetFear?s Shane Ohly spent yesterday evening skiing and snowboard off Mam Tor?in the dark! The three were disappointed to find that steep North West side of Mam Tor had already been tracked out by cheeky day time skiers but conditions were surprisingly good on the South side of Mam Tor with a few hundred meters of continuous powder snow and only the odd tuft of grass! There is a short movie of Andy Benson skiing here. Fingers crossed for a few more inches of snow that should bring the Peaks premier hard skiing area, Winnats Pass, into condition.  Above: The Peak District yesterday with signifigant snowfall on Kinder in the distance. Just In Adam Thomas from Buffalo has been in contact with us today some back ground information about Peak District skiing: “For you information and maybe a little history on skiing Mam Tor, I believe the Gully was first skied by me and about 7 other Sheffield Ski Village staff in about 1989-1990. According to Brain ?Tanky? Stokes, who had skied most stuff in the Peak in the 60?s, 70?s, and 80?s and was the main man for skiing at the time, no one, including himself, had ever skied it. It had winter and summer descents during a 6 month period, until 2 injuries stopped us. Dean did 2 back flips from quite high up but landed on his feet and skied the rest and Vix tore his knee ligaments after a small drop off near the bottom. After that, we decided after about 5 descents that enough was enough. Good to hear people are still trying it though”. Thanks for that Adam!