Pearson Font 8B Flash

It is being quietly reported on various websites that James Pearson has made a significant ripple over the pond with a flashed ascent of Secret Splendor in Colorado. Graded Font 8B this would be the first flash at this grade, but others are already suggesting that it is perhaps not 8B afterall, but 8A+. That said, Daniel Woods, who made the first repeat after Tyler Landman;s first ascent, confirmed Tyler´s grade at 8B. The same thing happened when Yuji Hirayama onsighted Mortal Kombat in France in 1999. The route was graded f8c and Yuji sent shockwaves through the climbing world by becoming the first person to onsight the grade. It was subsequently downgraded to f8b+. Grading debates aside let´s not lose sight of the fact that James has just made significant news with an extremely, and perhaps historically impressive ascent. Also climbed on the same trip: Bush Pilot, 8A – third go Silverback, 8A – 1 hour No More Greener Grass, 8A+ – 1 session Dark Waters, 8B – fell from the 7B finish on the flash! Clear Blue Sky, 8B Secret Splendor, 8B / 8a+ – flash We´ll update you as soon as we know more… Source: & UKBouldering