by Mick Ryan – Steve on Rhapsody See also news report below:Jun 15: Steve McClure Climbs Rhapsody, Trotter Does It Again!. “It was an incredibly impressive piece of climbing from Steve. The technical perfection that we all expect of him wasn´t quite enough and it was only a huge battling spirit that got him through the final moves to the top. 4 days. 3rd redpoint. Damn fast. Also great to see the mutual support between these climbers. Steve´s first trip up to Dumbarton brought some much needed energy to Sonnie´s spirits during his epic. It also brought some new beta, a better way to shake out and recover. For Steve there was a ready prepared route, brushed cleaned, gear placements worked out and with 2 jugging lines in situ. Sonnie and Cory even left Steve the vital piece of gear onto which they had taken 40+ big falls between the 2 of them. (Steve thought it looked like itmight snap with anymore falls, so found an identical piece to replace it).” FILM STILLS: Steve McClure on Rhapsody Photo: Steve McClure 1 Photo: Steve McClure 2 Photo: Steve McClure 3 Photo: Success Hot Aches 2008 Steve McClure is sponsored by Petzl, Five Ten, Beal and Fat Face.