Pou-brothers = old warriors

Iker and Eneko Pou, for some obscure reason known as the Pou-brothers, are no strangers to difficult climbing, be it bouldering, sport climbing, multi-pitches or ice. Having reached the respectable ages of 33 and 36, they felt they qualified as “old warriors” and set their sights on Maurizio “Manolo” Zanolla's route known by that name, Solo per vecchi guerrieri on the south face of Vette Feltrine, close to Aune in north eastern Italy.The 150 m route is divided into four pitches given somewhere around 7c, 7b/7c, 8b, 8c/9a depending on who you ask. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the bolts are somewhat spaced, with 8-10m between them, and also that you have some 300m of air below your feet…If my (non existent) Spanish is correct, the duo needed a total of four days to make the ascent, most of the first of which was spent finding the route(?)…Anyway.. on the fourth day the climbed the whole thing without problems for it's 5th and 6th ascents, provided that they both did all the pitches of course.Full story, in Spanish, on their website.

Iker Pou on the crux pitch of Solo per vecchi guerrieriUKC News, Jun 2010© Iker Pou

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