Pustelnik at Ceüse

After a month in Frankenjura Adam Pustelnik went on to the Dolomites, but after an epic hail storm, almost bringing the tent down, they decided on going to Ceüse instead. “It has been a 3 week stay under “Face de rat” with only 2 times going up the hill. I´ve tried and done most of the stuff I wanted and the stuff I still had left. Here are the most important sends on the list: Onsights: La Femme Blanche 8a+ Le Poinconneur des Lilas 8a+ Sueurs Froides 8a+ Dolce Vita 8a+ (flash) Monnaie de Singe 8a Association des Malphieus 8a Bourinator 8a Carte Blanche 8a Atome de Savoie 8a Redpoints Dures Limites8c La Cadre 8c (2’nd try) Question d’equilibre 8b+ ( 2’nd try, it says “8b?” in the topo but I recon it is harder) Le Chirurgien8b/b+ ( 2’nd try, and same as above)