Rat Race Special Offer

It was the start of the Chinese Year of the Rat last week! Yes that?s right, 2008 is the Year of the Rat and to celebrate, we have teamed up with the Rat Race team and are offering a 10% discount (***See Below for Details***) off the entry price to the first Rat Race of the Year in Birmingham on 15th March. This year, the hugely successful 2-day Rat Race series is being expanded to include three new, one day Rat Race events in Birmingham, Brighton and Newcastle. These events will use the new ?Nine 2 Five? format.  The Birmingham Rat Race is the first to use this exciting new format. The ?Nine 2 Five? format compresses everything you know about the famous Rat Race into a full 8 hours of challenge and adventure in one day. You can race at the intensity that suits you to beat the clock and the judges on this one. The final result is based on your physical prowess and team tactics! Let us explain…. CLICK HERE 10% Discount for planetFear Visitors 1. Check out http://www.ratraceadventure.com/ 2. Enter the Birmingham Rat Race 3. When prompted use the promotional code ?PF101? 4. See on the 15th March!