Rouhling climbs Salamandre, 9

Fred Rouhling has once again climbed an extreme route in the 9th grade. His latest, Salamandre, features an 8A+ half-pad mono crux after about 15 meters followed by 8b+ climbing. Due to the very specific crux, Fred had to do specialzed training á la Güllich. “About the grade, if it´s necessary to talk about it, I think it´sa new route somewhere in the 9 range. I think that the grades are very personal and subjective. My references maybe come from a more severe period, even in an old school sandbag place like Buoux they tend to upgrade. Salamandre is among my most extreme routes. Concerning De l´autre cote du ciel and Mandallaz Drive, most of the strong climbers who have tried them tend to think that they are more 9a+. I don´t know but I really prefer to keep in mind the uncertainty of such an ascent more than a grade emptied of any substance. Salamandre is very hard, very force specific, and very very.. what I wanted to do these times!” Pictures at Fred Moix´ site.