Scared of Falling? Train For It

Jan 18: Scared of Falling? Train For It by Mick Ryan You are confident in your gear placements and want to push your grade, but you daren´t go for it. You´ve got the fear of falling. What you need to do is take a big whipper. 150ft do you? Maybe on a SCAD. What the hell is a SCAD? A SCADis a Suspended Catch Air Device – in short a bit like a bungee jump but without the bungee, yes you can actually free fall at 75mph into a big bouncy net. SCAD was invented by Montic, manufacturer of leisure systems, and presented for the first time in April 1997 at the world famous Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. You can see how it all works If you fancy a go and maybe improve your lead head, there will be SCAD diving at the E2 Climbing and Adventure Activity Centre near Cardiff on Saturday 9th February. More details